Heywood's Provision Company and Meathaus

Chef Patrick Gebrayel's excellent Heywood's Provision Company and Meathaus serves Marietta/East Cobb residents. They are located in East Lake shopping center, next to Wild Wing Cafe. Heywood's is an Artisan Butcher shop. What is an artisan butcher? An artisan is simply that, someone trained in the art or craft. Heywood's is a "Chef driven craft shop" focused on the quality of the product they provide their patrons. As they say, "The proof is in the taste!"

Heywood's meats are truly spectacular, and the sausages are handcrafted by Top Atlanta Chef Patrick Gebrayel, who has years of experience as an executive chef, and has won many accolades for his creations. They have a wide selection of meats for summer BBQs. You can visit there website here - Heywood's Provision Company

Here is a sampling of their menu -

Andouille - Garlic, black pepper and thyme. All pork, natural casing.

Bacon - Dry rubbed and smoked over hickory.

Pepper Bacon - Coated with cracked black pepper.

Cheddarwurst - Sharp cheddar cheese and a bit of spice. All pork, Natural casing.

Chicken Cheddarwurst - All chicken, no pork, natural casing.

Mexican Chorizo - Well spiced, cured and smoked. All pork, natural casing.

Portuguese Chorizo - Cured with red wine and heavily spiced. All pork, natural casing.

Corned Beef - Beef brisket cured for a full week, cooked with pickling spices.

Kielbasa - Garlic, marjoram, and black pepper. All pork, natural casing.

Stop by and say hello to Chef Patrick!

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ruzzel01 said...

Im sure about its future. But it seems to be doing good.