Tin Can Fish House - The Best Oysters!

Tin Can Fish House in Sandy Springs is one of our favorite restaurants.  They feature fresh seafood with a coastal theme. Tin Can has a great laidback atmosphere, and the food and beer are delicious! Here is their oyster menu. Yum!

 Tin Can Fish House Oysters

Oysters in the RAW           1/2 dozen 8      dozen  15

Mignonette ½ dozen 9.5 dozen 16.5
with shallots, red wine vinegar

Bloody Mary ½ dozen 9.5 dozen 16.5
vinaigrette, shot of tobasco, horseradish and vodka

Rockerfella ½ dozen 11 dozen 18
with cream of spinach, a garlic sauce and bread crumbs

Greek ½ dozen 11 dozen 18
Cream of Spinach and Feta cheese

Baked Oysters ½ dozen 11 dozen 18
In garlic jalapeƱo butter topped with parmesan cheese