Tin Can Fish House - The Best Oysters!

Tin Can Fish House in Sandy Springs is one of our favorite restaurants.  They feature fresh seafood with a coastal theme. Tin Can has a great laidback atmosphere, and the food and beer are delicious! Here is their oyster menu. Yum!

 Tin Can Fish House Oysters

Oysters in the RAW           1/2 dozen 8      dozen  15

Mignonette ½ dozen 9.5 dozen 16.5
with shallots, red wine vinegar

Bloody Mary ½ dozen 9.5 dozen 16.5
vinaigrette, shot of tobasco, horseradish and vodka

Rockerfella ½ dozen 11 dozen 18
with cream of spinach, a garlic sauce and bread crumbs

Greek ½ dozen 11 dozen 18
Cream of Spinach and Feta cheese

Baked Oysters ½ dozen 11 dozen 18
In garlic jalapeƱo butter topped with parmesan cheese


Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan

I can't wait to read this book. I am interested to know what people think of it. This man became famous from Hot Pockets and manatee jokes. With quotes like "I consciously try not to take food advice from thin people," and "Steak is special. Steak has its own knives," I know it is going to be a hilarious and interesting read. Hooray for Jim Gaffigan sharing more comedic thoughts about food!