Atlanta Casting Call - Kitchen Makeover

If you're interested... (I plan to post casting call press releases I receive from now on).


Do you have a friend or loved one who has a real passion for cooking but is trapped in an outdated, nonfunctional or just plain ugly kitchen? Now's your chance to nominate him/her to receive a kitchen worthy of a gourmet chef! We are currently casting dynamic homeowners who love to cook but are in desperate need of a completely new kitchen. We're also looking for you...our accomplice in this mission. If selected, you would help our team install a state-of-the-art kitchen for your frustrated foodie.

Please note: If you think YOU and YOUR KITCHEN are the perfect fit for this renovation, please have someone nominate you by sending all the information below to our email address. Also, your nominee must own their home/townhome/condo. Renters need not apply.

If you're interested in nominating a cook and being a part of our exciting new show, please email us the following information:
Your name, address, phone number, occupation, age and relationship to nominee
Your nominee's name, address, occupation and age
Photo of you (2 pictures max)
Photo of nominee (2 pictures max)
Photos of the nominee's kitchen (3 pictures max)
Tell us why you are nominating this person. We want to hear about his/her love of cooking - favorite type of food to cook, favorite restaurants, favorite chefs - and what she/he doesn't like about their current kitchen. The more personality/detail the better!

Only emailed submissions including all of the above will be considered. Please send to kitchenmakeovershow@gmail.com. Please put the name of your city in the subject line and where you saw this posting.

PLEASE NOTE: Although all of the materials and labor for the kitchen makeover are given to the Nominee free of charge, we are required by law to notify the IRS of the transaction. As a result, the Nominee will be responsible to pay taxes on the total cost of the makeover.

Kitchen Makeover Team


Review of US Cafe - Buckhead

US Cafe
US Cafe Buckhead
2591 Piedmont Rd, Suite 102
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 233 2233

Sun-Thurs: 11am to 11pm
Fri-Sat: 11am to 12am

I meant to write this review a while ago, but I misplaced my photos. I guess I will load them on my home computer next time, and not at my parents' house or somewhere else. These are stock photos, but I will describe the cafe for you.

US Cafe is a very clean, vibrant burger joint in Buckhead (there's also a location in Smyrna). It's all polished chrome and bright red, like a brand-new little sports bar. There's a gaming room with a pool table and video games, and an outdoor patio area that's rather nice. A well-stocked bar gleams near the entrance if you're craving a liquid lunch or want to watch the game there. There are a plethora of large, flat-screen TVs seemingly everywhere, too.

Mom and I went to US Cafe to try it out. We ordered two 1/4 lb. US Cheeseburgers with fresh-cut fries, and a chocolate milkshake that we split. They also offer chicken wings, quesadillas, and other sandwiches, and there's a fun condiment bar with lots of interesting sauces and even sriracha to put on your food (Dan and I are pawing through a can of Sriracha Peas at the moment - Yow!).

The food was better than we expected. The burgers were cooked and seasoned just right - no frills, but delicious, and the fries were truly exceptional. They seemed almost like Canadian fries, which are fried twice and beat American fries hands down (my husband is Canadian). I love to put salt and malt vinegar on my fries.

The milkshake was good - what milkshake isn't? But there was plenty of chocolate. I do have to mention one blip that must have happened since they were brand-new at the time, they had to run next door to get more milk for the milkshakes, but it only took a minute.

Service: You order your food at the counter, and the guys that served us were super-friendly and funny. What more do you need at a burger joint? We had a fabulous time at US Cafe, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a delicious burger with the best fries in town. The restaurant is clean, inviting, fun, and casual. I'm sure we will go back if we happen to be in Smyrna or Buckhead!


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Valentine's Day in Atlanta - 2011

Here are some yummy ideas for this Valentine's Day in Metro Atlanta!

Willy’s Mexicana Grill (Burritos as big as your head) has a sweet treat between Feb. 11-14. Guests ordering two entrees and two beverages can receive a free chocolate silk mini-pie from Willy’s simply by saying “Valentine Pie” to their cashier.

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Happy Valentine's Day! Have a wonderful day whether you're single or taken!