Taste of East Cobb at Merchant's Walk - May 7th from 11 AM to 5 PM!

Taste of East Cobb
at Merchant's Walk

Saturday - May 7, 2011
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Taste of East Cobb will have -

* Tastes from the Area's Finest Restaurants *

** Fine Art & Crafts **

** 6 HUGE Inflatables **

* Sand Art, Spin Art & Face Painting *

* Performances by Jazz Bands *

* Silent Auction *

* Beverage & Dessert Booths *

* "Best of Taste of East Cobb" Voting Contest *

Tastes are $1 to $5

Free Admission

Cash only event

Rain or shine! -- it's under Tents!

Visit the 2011 Taste of East Cobb
& Festival!


Restaurant.com Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the four winners of our Restaurant.com Giveaway!

Diane Baum, MEL, Julia, and ClownsCrytoo sharon are all winners of $25 gift certificates! If you are a winner, please send us an e-mail at atlantafoodies@gmail.com with the subject line "Contest," and we will send you the link to redeem your prize. If you didn't win, please check back soon for our next contest!

Atlanta Foodies


Atlanta Foodies Big Ketch Review

The Big Ketch

3279 Roswell Rd.

Atlanta, GA 30305


My mom, Pattie, and I went to The Big Ketch recently for lunch. Here is our review. (More photos at the bottom).

How were the food and drinks?

The food was really good. There were no problems, and it tasted just how it should taste. It was high-end casual restaurant cuisine. The appetizer we had was to die for - Shrimp and Crab Dip with Pita Chips. I had Blackened Mahi Mahi with a side salad and hushpuppies, and Mom had a Jerk Chicken Sandwich with key lime honey mustard and potato salad. Instead of bringing out bread, they brought out boiled peanuts, which I thought was original (and less carbs). We had diet mojitos, which were fine, but did taste diet, and I had a Full Sail IPA which I really liked. I would definitely recommend their food.

Describe your impressions of the service. Was anything exceptionally good (or bad) about the quality of service you received?

Service was mediocre. It was great at first. Our server was charming and friendly, and took wonderful care of us. About halfway through, though, he disappeared to the outside porch area, and chatted with a group of women for a long time. He didn't check on us for ten or fifteen minutes, when we wanted more drinks. I know servers' jobs can be difficult, having been one myself, but it wasn't even busy at the time. It was near shift change in the afternoon.

What do you think of the décor and atmosphere?

I really liked the decor at The Big Ketch. It is beachy, modern, and relaxing. The bathrooms were a little bit plain, but overall it was really nice and attractive. Predominant colors were sand, silver, and light blue.

Do you consider this a good value for the money you spent? If no, why not?

It was mid-range. I had a gift certificate for $25, but we spent $50+ on two people.

Any other thoughts or comments?

We had a great time at The Big Ketch, but we did wish that our server had been more attentive, especially when we had a gift certificate that should have given him a hint that I would review them. The food is fine, but make sure you know you're ordering a diet cocktail if that's what you want. The decor and food do make it worth visiting.

On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best), how would you rate this restaurant compared to the other restaurants you visit on a regular basis.

I would give The Big Ketch 3.5/5 peaches. If I visit again and the service is better, I will raise the rating. Another good seafood option to consider is the Tin Can Fish House a bit north in Sandy Springs.

This restaurant is best for (Choose all that apply)

• Good food • Quick bite • Family-friendly
• Outdoor • Romantic
• Special occasion

The Big Ketch Saltwater Grill on Urbanspoon


Foodtopia for the People - Asheville, NC

You can still win a trip to Asheville, NC!
The Foodtopian Society - Asheville's Fine Cuisine is on Facebook. Simply "Like" their page.


or check out their main page here -


Pig of the Month Mention!

We got a mention at http://www.pigofthemonth.com/blognewindex !

Taste of Marietta at Marietta Square on May 1st from 11AM -7 PM

What is the Taste of Marietta?

Taste of Marietta will be held next Sunday, on May 1st from 11 AM to 7 PM at Marietta Square! It's free!

Taste of Marietta is an annual food festival always held the last Sunday in April that showcases Cobb County restaurants and caterers. It is the largest and longest running food festival in Cobb County and has become a favorite annual tradition among local residents. http://www.tasteofmarietta.com/

Where does Taste of Marietta take place?
Taste of Marietta is held in the heart of the city at the Historic Marietta Square. The Square in the spring is a beautiful backdrop for the festival. While enjoying the delicious food and fun, you can also experience Marietta’s history and culture with unique shops and museums

How much does it cost to attend Taste of Marietta?
Admission to the festival is FREE. The only costs are the cost of food and drinks and the moonwalks in Kids Alley.

Do I have to buy tickets for food?
No. Unlike other food festivals, Taste of Marietta is a cash-based festival. You pay the individual restaurant booths for their ‘tastes’ (between $0.50-$4.00) and for drinks at the concession stations.

Will there be ATMs on site?
Yes! ATMs will be provided in four separate locations around the festival.

How many people attend Taste of Marietta?
Last year we had an impressive 70,000+ people attend Taste of Marietta. We are expecting a great crowd again this year.

Can I bring my dog to Taste of Marietta?
We request that folks with dogs and other pets please leave them at home where there is adequate shade and water. There is not a place on the festival grounds to accommodate pets. They can leave waste and many young children are frightened around dogs of any size. Thank you for your cooperation!

How many restaurants will be at Taste of Marietta?
We expect to have 70 different restaurants and caterers to be at Taste of Marietta showcasing their best dishes.

Besides food, what else is at Taste of Marietta?
Lots! We will have all day entertainment on four different stages around the festival; fun and games at Kids Alley; and a variety of ways to test your skills at Sports Corner. In addition to these festival attractions are the unique shops and museums always present on the Marietta Square.

See you there!



Atlanta Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show - Cobb Galleria April 30th & May 1st

The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show is the only award-winning consumer event in the nation for cooking and entertaining enthusiasts of all ages and all skill levels. Tickets are on sale now. The show will be held April 30th and May 1st at the Cobb Galleria.

This year's event features Paula Deen, Giada De Laurentiis, and Nathalie Dupree! You will experience more than 200 fabulous exhibitors, see live cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs and participate in numerous cooking and entertaining workshops. http://www.metrocooking.com/index.php/atlanta


Restaurant.com Giveaway - Win a $25 Gift Certificate for Restaurant.com!

Restaurant.com Giveaway!

This week, we are giving away
FOUR $25 gift certificates to Restaurant.com to Atlanta Foodies readers!

Simply "Follow" this blog by clicking the link on the left sidebar, and be entered to win one of FOUR prizes! The contest begins today and runs through April 24th.
Restaurant.com has a new Atlanta Restaurant Guide at
Atlanta Restaurant Guide.

Restaurant.com offers discounts to over 15,000 restaurants across the country and serves as the community matchmaker, introducing great restaurants to great people. From appetizers to dessert, from wine to dinner, Restaurant.com helps restaurant owners promote the new and unique aspects of their restaurants while providing diners with great value in a fun, new and cost effective way.

Thanks for entering!



Pig of the Month BBQ - Professional Taste Test Results

Pig of the Month is an online BBQ store started by BBQ fans the Richards Family, which also offers a Pig of the Month Club. You can see their website here - http://www.pigofthemonth.com

My husband Dan and I decided to have a taste test for Pig of the Month’s BBQ, and luckily he works at a local country club and has plenty of friends there who love BBQ. This group of professional culinarians, headed by Executive Chef Eric DaRin, tried Pig of the Month BBQ (l to rt. Kori, Dominique, Ben, Chef Eric, and Zack). They even put on the cute “I Love Ribs” aprons. What good sports! They ate, they got messy, and here are the results!


1st Place Sauce

Cattle King
(The website says “The flavors in this sauce are BIG! Full of a rounded tomato flavor, with a hint of sweetness, and just enough acid to make you want more meat”)

Eric (Executive Chef):
Overall the best sauce. More traditional with hints of smoke, spice, and sweetness. Probably accepted by most any BBQ eater. Dominique: Best all-around sauce. Ben: This sauce had a very full BBQ sauce taste. It was delicious, and would go great with most pork (ribs, pulled, brisket, etc.). Zack: Cattle King was my kind of sauce, a little sweet, and smoky - the kind of flavors I enjoy on my BBQ. Kori: Cattle King was good on everything.

Miss Scarlet’s Carolina Red BBQ Sauce (The website says, “This sauce is a bit more tangy in order to stand up to applewood smoked meat flavor.”)

Eric: It was an interesting taste at first for a BBQ Sauce. Sweet onion taste with chili powder to follow. Not a traditional BBQ sauce, but interesting none the less. Kori: Miss Scarlet’s made a very good baked-in rib flavor. Ben: This sauce had a very strong onion and chili powder taste. It had a little sweetness, and just a touch of heat. This would go very well with BBQ chicken. Zack: I was very intrigued by the flavors. It was like Worcestershire and onion. I would like to use it as a marinade for anything. Dominique: Good sauce, would go well with beef.

Key West In A Bottle BBQ Sauce (The website lists grapefruit, mango, pineapple, lemon, and lime flavors).

Eric: This was very sweet then finishes with a nice pop of pepper. Almost too sweet, but had a nice balance of sweet to hot. Kori: When the pulled pork in sauce was combined with the Key West Sauce, they became an unstoppable force of flavor. Dominique: Sweet and spicy, would be great on fish. Ben: This sauce had a nice sweet, cumin taste with a fairly strong peppercorn heat. This would go well on fish because of its sweet heat. Zack: I really enjoyed the Key West, it would be nice with chicken or seafood as well as pork. It was very sweet and came in with a big peppercorn punch at the end.

Ribs Miss Scarlet’s Rack of Ribs

Eric: Cooked very well, good balance of smoke. Meat was very tender and tasted good. Had a good bit of moisture retained, so meat was not dry. Dominique: The ribs were tender, but not fall off the bone. I like this. Ben: Had a very nice smoky flavor. Nice full flavor with the smoky ribs. My personal favorite rib. Kori: The ribs were very tender and the smoke was prevalent without being overpowering. Excellent flavor factor.

Key West Rack of Ribs

Eric: Again cooked very well. Had nice smoke to it. Ben: The ribs were cooked perfectly. The sweetness in the sauce caused a very nice caramelization on the ribs.

Pulled Pork in Sauce

Eric: It was cooked very nice with pulled pieces & the occasional chunk in there. Sauce on it was good. Overall it was very good & enjoyed it. Zack: Last but not least, the pulled pork was very moist and tender. Dominique: The meat was very pleasant. Ben: The pork was very moist and tender.

Consensus by Executive Chef Eric DaRin – “Overall I enjoyed all the products I tasted. I would and am going to look into this “Pig of the Month” club.”


Pig of the Month BBQ Tasting!

Atlanta Foodies asked several culinary experts to test Pig of the Month's BBQ for us (which they clearly didn't mind doing, and they were even such good sports that they wore the "I Love Ribs" aprons).

Did these expert culinarians and Chefs throw the barbie to the crocs? Did they think it was porkalicious? Find out the results tomorrow, here at the Atlanta Foodies Blog!!


Friends of Dogwood Pavilion Contest - WINNER!!

And the winner is... Misty!!! Congratulations, Misty, on winning our Dogwood Festival Contest! Please send us your e-mail address so that we can send your tickets right away. Atlanta Foodies' e-mail is atlantafoodies@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you, Misty! Everyone, please visit the Dogwood Festival this weekend! Atlanta Foodies will be there, and it's going to be a blast! Visit the website at Atlanta Dogwood Festival!

Held April 15th, 16th, and 17th, this year's Atlanta Dogwood Festival will be especially exciting with all of the favorite elements of the past and many new initiatives! We have a fabulous artist market, an exciting kid zone, 4 stages of music, an award winning and nationally recognized Atlanta High School Art Exhibition, an International cultural program full of color and pageantry.

In addition we have the best green component in any festival in the Southeast as determined by the Southeast Festival and Event Association, the Southeast Regional Disc Dog Competition, classic festival foods, a special comedy show, a Saturday night VIP Bar, the La Fete International Food and Wine event featuring a reggae band and a performance by Miss Georgia, the Friends of Dogwood Pavilion with superb food from Atlanta's best restaurants and fine wine pairings. As a special feature of our 75th anniversary there will be a 9 story classic Seattle Ferris Wheel built in 1963 to give visitors a whole new perspective of Piedmont Park and Midtown, and a fully restored, 1965 vintage carousel for the entire family to enjoy.


Dogwood Festival - Friends of Dogwood Giveaway!

Atlanta's Dogwood Festival - Friends of Dogwood Giveaway!

Atlanta Foodies! Simply follow this blog by clicking on "Follow" (Followers List located on left sidebar), and you will be entered to win a pair of tickets to "Friends of Dogwood" at the Dogwood Festival on April 17th! This prize is a $60 value! The contest will end on 4/10/2011, and the winner will be announced on 4/11/2011.

The "Friends of Dogwood Pavilion" is one of the best ways to enjoy the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. Find out more about the Dogwood Festival at The Dogwood Festival.

Friends of Dogwood is a ticketed event that offers an upscale hospitality experience! It will be held in the newly renovated, multi-million dollar, Greystone event facility in the heart of Piedmont Park. It features some of Atlanta's favorite restaurants offering a wide variety of foods, desserts and special wine tasting.

Friends of Dogwood Sunday Admission: Upscale hospitality experience featuring some of Atlanta's favorite restaurants offering a wide variety of foods and desserts and special wine tasting. Tickets $30 in advance; $35 at the door (if available) Thanks! Becca


Atlanta Food and Events News - April 2nd

Atlanta Food News - Week of April 2nd

Caribbean Party in Stone Mountain today! Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery Grill the most popular Caribbean restaurant chain in the nation (they were recently singled out by New York Times food critic Sam Sifton) has Customer Appreciation Day today (April 2nd), which will run from 1:00PM to Midnight, will feature free samples, giveaways, games, cotton candy, live entertainment and a fashion show.Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery Grill, 1267 South Hairston Rd, Stone Mountain, GA. Golden Crust Bakery - Stone Mountain

Hotel Restaurant Week Atlanta begins today and lasts till next Saturday. Hotel restaurants are offering specials of Three Courses for $25. Hotel Restaurant Week Atlanta

Access Atlanta Food and Restaurants always has the best events news - http://www.accessatlanta.com/atlanta-restaurants-food/

Atlanta native, Culinary author and Time reporter Lisa Abend will be at A Cook's Warehouse and the Atlanta Art Institute on April 4th and 5th to give book talks about her new book The Sorcerer's Apprentices about the renowned molecular gastronomy restaurant elBulli. http://www.lisaabend.com/?page_id=4

Fernbank has a special Tornado Alley event on Sunday, April 3rd. Filmmaker and storm chaser Sean Casey will bring the TIV to Fernbank for visitors to get an up-close look at this incredible vehicle that can travel inside the heart of a tornado. Show times are available April 3 at noon, 2pm and 4pm. The TIV will be on view noon – 5pm. http://www.fernbankmuseum.org/experience-imax/tornado-alley/

If you know a bacon lover, J & D's have everything bacon at their website. http://store.baconsalt.com/ These goofballs sent me an April Fool's press release for "BaconAir."

If you know a commercial beer brewer - I don't - The 2nd Annual Denver International Beer Competition, America's only food focused, professionally sanctioned beer competition has extended its entry deadline to April 10, 2011. All commercial brewers are encouraged to enter their food friendly beers. http://denverbeercomp.com/

I made a new friend at the Atlanta Wine School recently, a Wine Blogger named Katie Phillips. If you are an ATLien and love wine, her blog is ATL Vino http://www.atlvino.com/blog

The Atlanta Wine School is fantastic. They opened the world of wine to me, and now I am very excited about wines. Here is their course schedule - http://www.atlantawineschool.com/courses.php They also have guided tours to wine country around the world.

Have a great week! Eat, drink, and be merry in the ATL!