P. F. Chang's "Triple Happiness" Happy Hour Review

My parents, Pattie and Jim, were invited to a dinner on August 1st at P.F. Chang’s Vinings location near Cumberland Mall, to try the new Triple Happiness “Drinks, Dim Sum, Street Fare” Happy Hour menu. Here is their report, followed by reviews of individual dishes.

The personnel were very personable, as one would expect. We were greeted by Krissy, the PR Representative, and were immediately provided with a small glass of house wine, either Shiraz blend or Sauvignon Blanc. The brand was Vinyard 518. This was refreshed as needed until the cocktails were served. I had a glass of each. The red was a bit tart, but smoothed out with drinking. The white was clean and what one would expect of such a wine.

Three tables were set up refectory style with about 10 seats at each. There were a couple of restaurant people at each table, also. Our table had four of them. Another couple consisting of a young woman and her mother were at the other end of the table from Pattie and me. We were occasionally joined by the visiting chef, who was quite a character. Pattie and I spent most of the evening talking with Mr. Ricca, the managing partner for this location.

The food and drink, aside from the wine, was served as one dish and one cocktail at a time. The drinks were served in what were described as sample sizes. These were what I would call normal highball glass size. We were also provided with a special cocktail, namely a very high-end Margarita that was very delicious.

In my opinion, I could have a great time at their Happy Hour and would need a ride home afterward. We had a great time. Good conversation, good food and drink.

Cocktail Display - Clockwise from left

Blue Moon Belgian Wheat beer
Light wheat beer without hoppy flavor. Very clean.

Yuku Ginger Mojito
Light ginger flavor with minty overtones as befits a mojito cocktail.

Coconut Lemon Sour
Very nice summer drink. Made with lemon water and coconut water. Nicely tart.

Dragon Martini
Made with Skyy dragon fruit infused vodka.

Dark and Spicy
Both light and very dark rums. Kinda like a high end Planter's Punch.

Dishes Served

Tuna Tataki Crisp (3)
A crispy rice cracker holding a slice of tuna (referred to as "tuna sashimi"), but slightly cooked. Covered with a garnish of scallions, tomatoes and others.

Pork and Rice Sui Mai (3)
Steamed dumpling, open at the top, stuffed with Pork and Rice, slightly spiced. Nice.

ShangHai Street Dumpling (2)
Dumplings with a very spicy sauce, which added greatly to the flavor. The chef brought our table some of the sauce that had been chilled. It started out cool, but heated up rapidly.

Flaming Red Wontons (5)
Very spicy. Made my capsaicin reaction come on and my voice hoarse. In other words, really good.

Asian Street Tacos (2)
Near to far: Spice Shrimp, Traditional Beef, Red Cooked Pork.
A mixture of Chinese and Korean cooking methods.


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