Pig of the Month BBQ - Professional Taste Test Results

Pig of the Month is an online BBQ store started by BBQ fans the Richards Family, which also offers a Pig of the Month Club. You can see their website here - http://www.pigofthemonth.com

My husband Dan and I decided to have a taste test for Pig of the Month’s BBQ, and luckily he works at a local country club and has plenty of friends there who love BBQ. This group of professional culinarians, headed by Executive Chef Eric DaRin, tried Pig of the Month BBQ (l to rt. Kori, Dominique, Ben, Chef Eric, and Zack). They even put on the cute “I Love Ribs” aprons. What good sports! They ate, they got messy, and here are the results!


1st Place Sauce

Cattle King
(The website says “The flavors in this sauce are BIG! Full of a rounded tomato flavor, with a hint of sweetness, and just enough acid to make you want more meat”)

Eric (Executive Chef):
Overall the best sauce. More traditional with hints of smoke, spice, and sweetness. Probably accepted by most any BBQ eater. Dominique: Best all-around sauce. Ben: This sauce had a very full BBQ sauce taste. It was delicious, and would go great with most pork (ribs, pulled, brisket, etc.). Zack: Cattle King was my kind of sauce, a little sweet, and smoky - the kind of flavors I enjoy on my BBQ. Kori: Cattle King was good on everything.

Miss Scarlet’s Carolina Red BBQ Sauce (The website says, “This sauce is a bit more tangy in order to stand up to applewood smoked meat flavor.”)

Eric: It was an interesting taste at first for a BBQ Sauce. Sweet onion taste with chili powder to follow. Not a traditional BBQ sauce, but interesting none the less. Kori: Miss Scarlet’s made a very good baked-in rib flavor. Ben: This sauce had a very strong onion and chili powder taste. It had a little sweetness, and just a touch of heat. This would go very well with BBQ chicken. Zack: I was very intrigued by the flavors. It was like Worcestershire and onion. I would like to use it as a marinade for anything. Dominique: Good sauce, would go well with beef.

Key West In A Bottle BBQ Sauce (The website lists grapefruit, mango, pineapple, lemon, and lime flavors).

Eric: This was very sweet then finishes with a nice pop of pepper. Almost too sweet, but had a nice balance of sweet to hot. Kori: When the pulled pork in sauce was combined with the Key West Sauce, they became an unstoppable force of flavor. Dominique: Sweet and spicy, would be great on fish. Ben: This sauce had a nice sweet, cumin taste with a fairly strong peppercorn heat. This would go well on fish because of its sweet heat. Zack: I really enjoyed the Key West, it would be nice with chicken or seafood as well as pork. It was very sweet and came in with a big peppercorn punch at the end.

Ribs Miss Scarlet’s Rack of Ribs

Eric: Cooked very well, good balance of smoke. Meat was very tender and tasted good. Had a good bit of moisture retained, so meat was not dry. Dominique: The ribs were tender, but not fall off the bone. I like this. Ben: Had a very nice smoky flavor. Nice full flavor with the smoky ribs. My personal favorite rib. Kori: The ribs were very tender and the smoke was prevalent without being overpowering. Excellent flavor factor.

Key West Rack of Ribs

Eric: Again cooked very well. Had nice smoke to it. Ben: The ribs were cooked perfectly. The sweetness in the sauce caused a very nice caramelization on the ribs.

Pulled Pork in Sauce

Eric: It was cooked very nice with pulled pieces & the occasional chunk in there. Sauce on it was good. Overall it was very good & enjoyed it. Zack: Last but not least, the pulled pork was very moist and tender. Dominique: The meat was very pleasant. Ben: The pork was very moist and tender.

Consensus by Executive Chef Eric DaRin – “Overall I enjoyed all the products I tasted. I would and am going to look into this “Pig of the Month” club.”

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Thanks again for trying out our tasty smoked BBQ meats! If y'all are ever hungry again don't hesitate to ask!

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