Great NW Atlanta Breakfast Restaurants!

Tired of your Cheerios? Wondering if there's a cool place to eat breakfast that you've never heard of?

Well, recently I asked my friends what they think the best breakfast restaurants are in Marietta and Kennesaw. Here is our conversation. Quite a great list! I hope it helps you, kind readers!

Me (Becca) - Hi Guys, my friend Alma and I are trying to think of good places to eat breakfast in Kennesaw & Marietta. So far, we have J. Christopher's, IHOP, Cracker Barrel, Marietta Diner, and Golden Corral. Rio Bravo used to be good, but it's long gone. I've never tried Stilesboro Biscuits. Any more suggestions or comments on those would help a lot! Thanks!

Responses -

Jessica McC. - Derek's on Old Canton (near Burger's Market);
Mountain Biscuit or Louise's on Old 41 (near the mtn.)
My Country Kitchen on Main Street (downtown Kennesaw)
BTW, I haven't been to Mtn Biscuit, but my favorite is Derek's.

Beth S. - Mountain Biscuits and Waffle House. I would say Flying Biscuit, but I think the one in Marietta closed. Oh, and Douceur de France. I've only been there for lunch, but their lunch is good, and so is their bread.

Deborah McL. - I think Old Ephraim's is serving breakfast now. They used to, anyway. I like Panera. Square Bagel?

Aki U. - Douceur.

Jennifer W. - Sugar Cakes on the square also has excellent breakfast.

Shannon A. P. - Is Le Peep still on the square? That place was RAD!

Deborah McL. - Le Peep is long gone. I liked the food especially the pancakes but sometimes the service was awful.

Jeff G. (My Cousin) - What about the classic... Waffle House?

Alma - Thanks for the info! Great help!

Jennifer T. J. - Have you been to Henry's? Its in Acworth but the BEST cajun in town

Me (Becca) - Aha, Henry's does have a brunch at 9 AM on Saturdays. Goldberg's Deli on Johnson Ferry is good, too.

Jennifer T. J. - Skip Goldbergs and go to Bagelicious (also on J. Ferry in the shopping center where the Dunkin Donuts is). You'll thank me. But they only take cash there.

Me (Becca) - Thanks Jennifer! I will try it. :)

Marcos J. - The pancake house!

Patty L. - Sweet Tomatoes, Square Bagel

Me (Becca) - Wow, these are awesome suggestions! I think I will compile them into a list and put them on my blog next week. Thanks! :)

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