Free Olive Garden Wine Tasting Events at Holcomb Bridge!

This is a nice freebie - dine at Olive Garden and try some of their wines! I especially liked the Moscato. It was fizzy and sweet - delicious! :)

The Olive Garden at 905 Holcomb Bridge Rd in Roswell is hosting complimentary wine tasting events for guests on 10/12 and 10/13 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. in honor of the Italian farmhouse-inspired interior design refresh.

Led by Olive Garden’s Wine Specialists, these events will further educate guests on Italian wines including their origin, body style, aroma, flavor/finish and food pairings. The wines featured are from around Italy and will be paired with some of Olive Garden’s delicious food.

A Tuscan-Inspired Design Change:
During the wine tasting events, guests will get a chance to experience the restaurant’s interior design refresh, inspired by the timeless warmth of farmhouses in Tuscany, Italy. Although design changes differ from restaurant-to-restaurant, some interior updates include new d├ęcor, tables, chairs and booths that emanate the warm, rustic tones of a Tuscan Farmhouse.

Another update includes a refreshed bar area that reflects a true, Tuscan-inspired space, with a more modern and sophisticated feel.

- Becca

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Tony Destroni said...

this restaurant is great ! thanks for sharing it but ask one thing , if they have contact number's for reservations well anyways i just check it on my paginas amarillas i hope they have one !

Unknown said...

really, a post on Olive Garden...you should be ashamed :)