793 Juniper Street
Atlanta, GA 30308
M-Sat open at 5
Sunday Brunch 11-3

What can I say besides "YEAH!" With Straits Restaurant's opening, Atlanta superstar Ludacris and Chef Chris Yeo have struck San Francisco gold right here in midtown Atlanta.

Take a look at Chris "Ludacris" Bridges' bio, and you may be awestruck by all of his accomplishments. Personally, I adore his amazingly catchy songs, thought his acting was great in Crash, and love that he has collaborated with another of my favorite artists, Kylie Minogue. But Luda has even more creativity to share, as evidenced by the success of his wonderful new Singaporean restaurant, Straits. Ludacris was so impressed by Chef Yeo's Straits location in California that he just had to bring it to Atlanta for all of us to enjoy. Thanks, Luda!

My husband Dan and I dined at Straits recently, and we both agreed that the cuisine and the atmosphere were phenomenal. Not to mention that we got to meet Ludacris and Chef Yeo! We also met the sous chef, who was very pleasant and charming as well. Decor, I would describe as modern Asian done in lush, varied textures, with a theme of dark burgundy.

Kung Pao Chicken Lollipops at Straits

Okay, I did not think that I would be the type to be starstruck, but I was. Luckily, I was brave enough to say something when Ludacris checked on us. My husband talked to Luda about the cuisine. I managed to stammer out that I loved his earrings. They must have been 100 carats. Seriously! And I got his autograph!! We got to meet Ludacris' mom, too. It was her birthday, and it was really wonderful that she took the time to make sure we were enjoying ourselves.

Anyway, by talking with Ludacris, we discovered that his favorite dish at Straits are the Kung Pao Chicken Lollipops pictured above. We tried some, and they were delectable. Much neater than a chicken wing! I never eat chicken wings because they are so messy. We also had Roti Prata and Samosas for our appetizers, Indian dishes that were familiar, yet updated in Chef Yeo's talented hands. See, that's why this Singaporean thing is so great. You can have Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian food all at the same restaurant!

We tried a Passion Fruit Margarita that was refreshing and sweet, and some lovely Sauvignon Blanc. Other dishes we tried (all exquisite) were Mix Satay, Vegetarian Egg Rolls, Seafood Curry, Lobster Pad Thai, Tamarind Beef, and Crispy Whole Chicken. Dan told Ludacris that his favorite was the Tamarind Beef. It was fantastic. It was tangy, rich, and cooked perfectly. Sauces at Straits are some of the best I have ever had. There were chili sauces and yellow and green curries.

The Lobster Pad Thai was another stand-out (see below). And our dessert was delicious, too! We had a French Kiss - strawberry ice cream with chocolate cake and strawberry sauce. I joked with Dan that the French Kiss meant that Ludacris would come out and kiss you. This upscale, gorgeously-decorated restaurant is already a hotspot on the Atlanta dining scene. I will definitely be back for dinner and to try the Sunday brunch. I would recommend it to anyone. And who knows, if you go, you just may see Ludacris, too!

Lobster Pad Thai at Straits

Chili Crab at Straits

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Anonymous said...

This sound like a good restaurant to check out. If I go there, I'll be sure to try some of your recommendations. I'm posting a link back to your blog on the Atlanta.net forum to pass the info along.

Anonymous said...

Hey neighbor.

Wow this looks good. I've read good reviews of the restaurant so I'm eager to check it out.

Just wanted to let you know I found your site through foodbuzz.com.

I'm all about healthful eating with great taste (and supporting the local team when I can). Check me out at Life Chef's Food for Life or www.lifechef.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I thought this was going to be a really nice restaurant (actually it was) but the food wasn't that great. I had been a huge fan of Spice (the previous restaurant) and had really high expectations. Yes the lollipops were good but that was really it. I ordered the lobster pad thai, which was a HOT MESS, and looked nothing like your picture. It was messy and all over the place. The service was also terrible. Not sure if it was just the friday night busy thing or what. I would go back and sit at the bar and order the lollipops again but no more major eating for me!

Anonymous said...

The restaurant is beautiful and the drinks are great!!!!!!!
with that said....I WILL NEVER GO THAT PLACE EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!
The service was horrible. The waitress named Kristen was very rude and disrespectful, on top of which she was slow to take drink orders, produce checks, and take payment. The waitress named Kristen also tipped herself 9 cents on my debit card. To make matters worse a second charge was applied to my card for 15.25, probably Kristen giving herself a better tip.
Management was unconcerned about their stealing waitress and even tried to defend her. The only action that was taken against Kristen the waitress was a strict talking to!!!!!
I later discovered that a friend who accompanied me there and also used her debit card had the same misfortune.
My advice to those who still insist on going to this thieving establishment? DON NOT allow Kristen to be your waitress and PAY WITH CASH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My girlfriends and I were excited to celebrate my birthday there. The food was good; however, the service was terrible. Fortunately, prior to our dinner we had a few cocktails at the bar, where we were pleasantly serviced by a beautiful man of asian descent, we will definately come back to see him.