Review of Bacchanalia

1198 Howell Mill Rd NW #100
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 365-0410

Chris R. visited Bacchanalia on Saturday, 2/10/2007, for dinner with one guest.

What did you order? How was your food?

Prix Fixe menu. 4 items Appetizer, Entrée, Cheese and Contrast, Dessert
App – Potato Gnocci with fresh Snails
Entrée – Kobe Short Rib
Cheese – Some kind of Apple and cheese salad
Desert – Warm Chocolate cake w/ mint ice cream

Several samples from the chef as well in between each item. Coffee freshly pressed in front of you.

What did your companion order? How was their food?

Appetizer – Crab Fritter
App – Tenderloin with Roasted Potatoes
Cheese – Arugula and Cheese salad
Dessert – Apple Tart

Describe your impressions of the service. Was anything exceptionally good (or bad) about the quality of service you received.

Incredible. Extremely well trained. There to assist with removing jacket, pushing in chair, refills, folding napkin when leaving the table. Always nearby but not in your space.

What do you think of the décor and atmosphere?

Formal, elegant.

Do you consider this a good value for the money you spent? If no, why not?

Extremely expensive. Pay for what you get though.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best), how would you rate this restaurant compared to the other restaurants you visit on a regular basis.
This restaurant is best for (Choose all that apply)

• Good food 10 • Quick bite • Family-friendly

• Outdoor • Romantic • Special occasion 10

Bacchanalia on Urbanspoon

Bacchanalia on Urbanspoon

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