Review of KC Pit BBQ

234 Hilderbrand Dr.
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
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Chris R. ate lunch with three co-workers at KC Pit BBQ on 7/12/2007.

What did you order? How was your food?

Ribs – just ok. Very, very sweet, as was the coleslaw, and baked beans. I'm not sure if it’s a KC thing, but I'm not a huge fan.

What did your companions order? How was their food?

Beef BBQ Plate. OK.

Do you consider this a good value for the money you spent? If no, why not?


On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best), how would you rate this restaurant compared to the other restaurants you visit on a regular basis.
This restaurant is best for (Choose all that apply).

• Good food 7 • Quick bite • Family-friendly

• Outdoor • Romantic • Special occasion

Summarize your experience in this restaurant.

Wasn’t impressed. I tried it because it was on the BBQ Quest: Kissed by Fire show, but to be fair I didn’t have the pulled pork which I’ve been having everywhere else so I’ll prob have to go back to truly compare…right now Williamson's Bros. is on top of the list.

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GA said...

If you consider Williamson to be the best you've ever had, then I question your taste buds. Their BBQ is some of the worst I've ever had. The sauce can 't help because it's bad. We have lived all over the US and have experienced all kinds and types of BBQ. The best in the Georgia and a easy drive is "Chicken Comers in Columbus, Ga. But if you ever decide to give it a try, make sure you get there early they close when they sale out.

Happy BBQ eating!!!!!