Review of Daddy D'z BBQ Joint

Daddy D’z BBQ Joint
264 Memorial Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30312
In Historic Grant Park
Live Blues Music on Weekends

Chris R. ate breakfast at Daddy D'z on 8/11/2007.

What did you order? How was your food?

½ Ribs plate, with Mac and Cheese, Broccoli Casserole, Cornbread and spicy BBQ Sauce.

Ribs were pretty good. A little on the fatty side, and they tasted almost like dark meat… which I’ve never experienced with ribs. I liked the BBQ sauce, sweet and spicy. Cornbread was dry and stale.

Describe your impressions of the service. Was anything exceptionally good (or bad) about the quality of service you received?

Service was good. Owner was very attentive and helpful.

What do you think of the décor and atmosphere?

Décor was good. Exactly what you want out of a BBQ joint.

Do you consider this a good value for the money you spent? If no, why not?

I ended up spending about $17 with drink…so it was a little pricey…

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best), how would you rate this restaurant compared to the other restaurants you visit on a regular basis.
This restaurant is best for (Choose all that apply).

• Good food 7.5 • Quick bite • Family-friendly

• Outdoor • Romantic • Special occasion

Summarize your experience in this restaurant.

Yes, I had ribs for breakfast. I will definitely be back, though, to try the pork plate.

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