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Last week, Mom and I went to Savi Urban Market in Inman Park to try their gourmet fare and dishes by their Executive Chef, Don Trimble. Savi focuses on local, organic foods, of which I am a big proponent. Most of their produce comes from Dillwood Farms, based in Loganville, GA. Savi’s owner is Paul Nair, an entrepreneur from Bombay who went to Cornell. He was very knowledgeable and hospitable, as was the entire staff.

Savi appeals to gourmands, with a wide selection of wines and an Enomatic Wine Machine which allows you to taste many wines before you buy them. They also employ an experienced cheesemonger, and they have a case stocked full of sous vide items, vacuum-sealed products that are prepared in an extremely controlled environment to maximize flavor. Sous vide is one of the most popular trends in cooking at the moment. Savi will be expanding soon with two more additional stores, and they will start offering Chef’s Table dinners for customers. We were able to sample one of these dinners, which was truly gourmet and delicious! My husband, also a chef, was impressed by Savi’s menu.

Here is the menu for the Chef’s Table, which was handwritten by Chef Don Trimble, a very nice touch. Everything was amazing and so flavorful! If you are a gourmand or foodie, you will love this market and restaurant.


Bone Marrow Fritter, Marrow Crème, Davignon Radish

Scallop, Lardo, Rhubarb

Grilled Octopus, Squid Ink Gnocchi, Buckwheat

Veal Cheek, Green Coriander Gastrique, Morels, Ramps

Black Sea Bass, Sapelo Island Clams, Spring Bulb Onion, Scarlett Queen

Piedmontese Strip Loin, Sweet Breads, Provider Beans, Garlic Scapes

Berkswell Raw Sheep Cheese, Un-Ripe Figs, Sorghum

Berkshire Belly, Szechuan Pepper Ice Cream, Preserved Pear

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