Harry & David "Pop-Up Orchards"

I recently went to a launch party at the Harry & David store in Lenox Square Mall. I love Lenox, and it’s one of our family traditions to go there with my mom (Pattie), cousins, and aunts. I remember when my Aunt Sandra bought me a beautiful, red, antique copy of The Arabian Nights at a rare books store there. Lenox has the best stores – Neiman Marcus, where I love to have lunch with my mom, Betsy Johnson, Louis Vuitton, and a whole lot more. Now I have found a new store to love, which is perfect for the holidays – Harry & David.

The launch party I attended with mom was an event to celebrate the opening of something special in the Harry & David stores, the “Pop-Up Orchards.” We had such a great time! There were trays of delectable items like turkey and ham sandwiches with fine cheeses on english muffins, juicy slices of Harry & David’s signature pears, and chips with spinach & artichoke dip. And of course, there were wonderful wines – they even sell Châteauneuf-du-Pape, my engagement wine.

Here are some new features in Harry & David stores that I thought were really neat – There’s a really cute photo-op sign where you can put your head in the picture and take your photo as a giant pear, there are the "Create Your Own" Bento Boxes – an awesome idea since I love anything Japanese, and every flavor of chocolate dipped cherries, candies, and Moose Munch snacks. Mom and I really loved the “Three Snow Friends” Santa, penguin, and snowman boxed trio here -
Three Snow Friends Harry & David is a great choice for holiday gifts, or gifts year-round, as well as just for treating yourself!

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