Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine - The Latest in Soda Fountain Technology

This week, Dan and I went to check out the latest in soda fountain technology – the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. I had heard a lot of buzz about them and really wanted to try one. We headed over to Firehouse Subs where they have an amazing number of drink options. Check out the menus! We loved the Cherry and Raspberry Coca-Cola options, and the Cherry Limeade! There are over 70 options for diet drink preferences, too. Once you go Freestyle, I don’t think you would ever go back.


These futuristic-looking soda fountains are appearing in even more in Atlanta restaurants lately. You can find them at various Burger King, Moe’s, and Taco Mac locations, and a Coca-Cola Freestyle truck visits other venues. To find the one nearest you, use the zip code finder on the Freestyle website here - Coca-Cola Freestyle

These Coca-Cola Freestyle machines are just cool and unique enough that they’re worth checking out. Not only are they sexy, but they are also fun to use and have something for everyone – imagine a world where no matter what you’re craving or feeling, its readily available at your fingertips Each Freestyle machine has a full-color touch screen that allows you to choose over 100+ different brands, including flavors and sodas not available anywhere else; there is literally something for everyone. From sodas and energy drinks to flavored waters and juices, the Coke Freestyle machine has it all. http://www.coca-colafreestyle.com/ 
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