J & D's Foods - Bacon Lip Balm, Bacon Croutons, Bacon Everything

J & D's Foods sent Dan and I some products to try, and they were pretty cool. Almost all of their products revolve around bacon. Many of their products are actually kosher and vegan.

I love their Bacon Lip Balm. There is something really fun about wearing lip balm that has a mild bacon aroma. We also tried their Ketchup Salt, which is great for sprinkling on fries or mixing with burger meat and many other things as a seasoning; and their Bacon Rub which you use like a BBQ rub. And... they sent us some really ridiculous bacon products. Go to this link and see what I mean - Ridiculous Bacon Products.

Here is some more info about J&D’s Foods -

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, J&D’s Foods manufactures Bacon Salt®, Bacon Rub, Baconnaise®, BaconPOP®, Bacon Ranch, Bacon Gravy, Bacon Croutons, Malt Salt™ and Ketchup Salt™. J&D’s is also responsible for Bacon Soda, Bacon Lip Balm, Mmmvelopes, Bacon Baby Formula and BaconAir. One time, we even made a statue of Kevin Bacon out of bacon and called it Bacon Kevin Bacon – don’t judge us.

For more company and product information, visit J&D’s Foods at: JDFoods.net or JD Foods on Facebook.

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