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Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I will be keeping up with this site much better in the future. I love my blog! Today I want to share a little Foodies fun with you all. Enjoy!

1. This is cool! Check out my awesome new GeekLogik widget on the sidebar! :)

2. As a Youth Services Librarian and someone who gets caught up in movie mania, I am very excited to see Twilight! Loved the book! And who better to play Edward than Cedric! ;)

3. Mini Review of Sugo in Roswell -

Very nice atmosphere - posh strip mall. Food was delicious, complimentary wine, service outstanding. A bit pricey, but worth it. The strange Italian cured pig rind in my special dinner was the only thing I didn't care for. Dan thought the preparation was very well done, but some items were slightly heavy. :) Romantic, good for special occasions. Sugo Rocks!!! :)

4. Mini Review of Soba Asian Bistro on East Piedmont Rd. in Marietta -

New sushi restaurant and bar. This restaurant was disappointing because it was overpriced, the food had some major flaws, and the decor was almost trendy but came off a tiny bit cheap. The food flaws consisted of shredded lettuce beneath our dim sum, still frozen-in-the-middle cheesecake with four flavor accents, and very mediocre miso soup. Come on guys, you have to step it up or reduce those prices before we'll go back! I don't know, maybe everyone else loves this place. Soba, I wanted to like you. Let me know when you can prove yourself, and I'l give you another chance. :(

5. Some Good News for the Rainforest! Yay!

Having lost the password for my other blog, Rainforest Resources, I am putting up a news blurb here.

Legal battle over forest is victory for Paraguayan Indians

(CNN) -- A small tribe of Indians in Paraguay who have had virtually no contact with the outside world won a legal battle this week when rights groups stopped a Brazilian company from continuing to bulldoze the forest to clear land for cattle ranches.
The Totobiegosode tribe, said to number no more than 300, is the last group of uncontacted Indians in South America outside the Amazon River basin, indigenous rights groups say. Indian rights proponents see Thursday's ruling as an important victory.

That is so cool! Here is the link for the entire article -

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