NM Cafe at Neiman Marcus

My mother and I visited the remodeled NM Cafe at Neiman Marcus, Lenox Square Mall for lunch on 12/22/2007. It's a tradition for us to lunch at Neiman Marcus, so we have been dying to try the updated cafe. I prayed that they hadn't changed our favorite touches.

Well, they kept the best of the old and changed many things for the better. A cup of broth is still served with delicious popovers and strawberry butter - so melt in your mouth. The location is also the same, on the bottom floor of Neiman's. The decor is totally different, though. It used to be very traditional, but now it's cheerfully modern - a welcome change.

We selected four cheese fondue for our appetizer - served with croutons and vegetables for dipping. The fondue was rich and scrumptious, resembling the flavor of cheddar cheese toast. My entree was the crab cake sandwich, and my mom had the spare rib plate. We enjoyed both dishes, and my favorite part were the tiny shoestring fries served Belgian-style.

Service was excellent, everything was posh yet casual. I recommend it to anyone. Next time I would like to try some of their special drinks, including Mint Julep Tea and Peach Tea, or dozens of specialty cocktails. Fabulous! 10 out of 10 for best casual lunch.

- Rebecca

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