Review of Doc Green's

Doc Green's - Salads & Grill
Perimeter Location
4511 Olde Perimeter Way, Ste. 800
Atlanta, GA 30346

Reviewed by S. S.

What did you order? How was your food?
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I had the California Chicken Panini. Very good, lots of flavor.

I also had a side salad with a vinaigrette dressing. The salad was not the best. It could have been colder and the lettuce didn’t seem very fresh. They could have left some of the cucumbers off as well. It was soaked in dressing.

Friend had a salad with steak and they said it was very good.

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This restaurant is best for -

• Quick Bite


Overall, it was a good meal and I enjoyed sitting out on the patio. There was ample opportunity for people-watching.

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